Every step of the Way!

“From the depths of introspection, self-thought blooms into inspired action.”

A vision is a personal and powerful choice for everyone. Our dreams aren’t just daydreams, they’re plans, purposes, and directions we set. Vision means “Seeing beyond what is and picturing what might be.”

I’m thrilled to be here today to talk about something that’s incredibly important: creating your vision. It’s about dreaming, imagining, and then making those dreams real. A vision is like a map – it guides us towards our goals and shapes our future. ✼

Let's think about how this works.

Remember when we were kids and we dreamed of being something amazing? Maybe it was a firefighter, a doctor, an astronaut, or even a superhero. We believed we could be anything. That’s the power of a vision. But as we grow up, we are put under different commitments starting from exams, jobs, and family to societal standards. 

Do you think you’re running without vision? Absolutely NO!

You’re setting visions for the sake of the task and position at that moment. It may last for days, weeks, or very few years. And then?

Uhmm... Then what actually it is?

Your vision should be something that inspires you and gives you purpose. It should be something that motivates you to keep going even when things get tough.

There are challenges, no doubt. But challenges are what make our visions even more satisfying when we progressively achieve success. Think about the great inventors, leaders, or even sports champions. They faced hardships, but they didn’t give up on their vision. They kept moving forward, no matter what.

Not only as an individual but as a team, you can create a collective vision. Seek like-minded people, share your dreams, and align your goals, to achieve something truly extraordinary. You can support each other, learn from each other, and grow together.

So, how can you create your vision?

Firstly, let’s dare you to dream big. Don’t limit yourself – think beyond boundaries.

Write down answers for these 2 questions in a notebook:

  1. What do you really want to achieve?
  2. What impact do you want to make?
Secondly, try to visualize yourself once you fulfill the vision. See yourself achieving what you dream of.

Visualizing success helps make it more real and achievable.

Third, make a plan. Break down your big dream into smaller, achievable steps. Importantly write down things/habits that push you away from your daily goals. Try to resolve it productively. This makes the journey less overwhelming and more manageable.

Lastly, take action. Dreams without action remain just dreams. Take that first step, and then the next, and keep moving forward.

Remember, creating your vision isn’t a one-time thing. It’s an ongoing process of growth, learning, and adapting. Embrace changes, learn from failures, and keep evolving your vision.

For instance, I was a young pharmacy student who had a dream of making health education more accessible and affordable. I knew that the current healthcare system was broken and had many inefficiencies. But do you have any idea of the hurdles I faced to bring Medxury this far? But what keeps me pushing? It’s my unshakable vision for society. Alone, I could never do this though I am determined and consistent. My fellow people supported my vision once they understood its value. Now, the individual vision has transformed into a common vision of a community, then the country to make our landscape smoother for future generations.

The vision should be ground-breaking. It should improve the quality of someone’s life, not just the few. It should create a positive impact for generations to come. It should inspire people to take action and work together.

I wish all great minds with humble hearts would take one step at a time to positively impact the lives of others. Believe in it. Work for it. And together, let’s turn our collective visions into reality and create something amazing together. 

With gratitude and unwavering determination,

S. Dhivya Bharathi

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