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Better Education for Better Health !


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At Medxury, we are dedicated to pioneering research that drives innovation in healthcare. Our MRED seamlessly connects experts and enthusiasts alike, fostering collaboration in the pursuit of groundbreaking solutions. Join us as we explore the frontiers of medical knowledge and push the boundaries of what’s possible. 

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MODE | Director - MDM1212-1005

Dr. Sunny Kumar Gupta


Incharge -Clinical Pharmacologist at Assam Cancer Care Foundation & Tata Trust Initiative (ACCF)

I am the Director of the Medxury Oncology Department. My role embodies visionary leadership, aimed at elevating our educational institution to a realm of distinguished triumph. My passion lies in reshaping the landscape of oncology clinical pharmacy practice. I am proud to serve as the catalyst for budding pharmacists.

Envisioning a dynamic, harmonious domain in Medxury, I cultivate an atmosphere where intellects converge – consultants, creators, and scholars alike – engaging in a symphony of shared wisdom, exploration, and avant-garde concepts. By placing utmost significance on pioneering clinical studies and progressive investigations, we are reflecting the emphasis on establishing comprehensive clinical and research training initiatives. 

A manifesto of excellence underscores my journey – from nurturing erudition and ingenuity to promoting interdisciplinary synergies, fostering future trailblazers, and forging global bonds.


Dr. Pruthvi Raj Paibhavi Pharm.D., Fellowship (Onco Pharmacy)., Msc (Onco)


Consultant | MCO1212-1021

Dr. Sharath Kumar Pharm.D., Fellowship (Oncotherapeutics)


Consultant | MCO1212-1034

Dr. Bhargav Raj Pharm.D., Fellowship (Onco Pharmacy)


Consultant | MCO1212-1027

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