Better Education for Better Health !

Better Education for Better Health !


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MIDTEAM | Director - MDM1212-1003

Dr. Goutham Kumar

Pharm.D., (PhD)

Infectious Diseases and Transplantation Clinical Pharmacy Specialist - HCG, Bangalore

I’m skilled in infectious diseases management and am the Director of the Medxury Infectious Diseases Team. My focus extends beyond patient care to educating and empowering the pharm.D community. I believe that education is crucial for advancing pharmacy practice and enhancing patient outcomes.

Our team strives to bridge the gap between academia and clinical practice by emphasizing the translation of theoretical knowledge into practical skills. Under my leadership, the clinical education team organizes webinars, workshops, seminars, and training programs for healthcare students and pharmacists to improve their clinical skills and stay updated on infectious diseases research and advancements. 

I encourage my fellow mates to engage in research and scholarly activities to foster innovation and critical thinking. 

Looking ahead, I envision expanding the team’s impact by collaborating with healthcare organizations, universities, and professional associations to develop comprehensive educational programs. My ultimate goal is to contribute to the growth and development of the pharm.D community, making a positive difference in the field of infectious diseases.


Dr. Pruthvi Raj Paibhavi Pharm.D., Fellowship (Onco Pharmacy)., Msc (Onco)


Consultant | MCO1212-1021

Dr. Sharath Kumar Pharm.D., Fellowship (Oncotherapeutics)


Consultant | MCO1212-1034

Dr. Bhargav Raj Pharm.D., Fellowship (Onco Pharmacy)


Consultant | MCO1212-1027

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