Better Education for Better Health !

Better Education for Better Health !


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MODE | Director - MDM1212-1005

Dr. Sunny Kumar Gupta


Incharge -Clinical Pharmacologist at Assam Cancer Care Foundation & Tata Trust Initiative (ACCF)

I am the Director of the Medxury Oncology Department. My role embodies visionary leadership, aimed at elevating our educational institution to a realm of distinguished triumph. My passion lies in reshaping the landscape of oncology clinical pharmacy practice. I am proud to serve as the catalyst for budding pharmacists.

Envisioning a dynamic, harmonious domain in Medxury, I cultivate an atmosphere where intellects converge – consultants, creators, and scholars alike – engaging in a symphony of shared wisdom, exploration, and avant-garde concepts. By placing utmost significance on pioneering clinical studies and progressive investigations, we are reflecting the emphasis on establishing comprehensive clinical and research training initiatives. 

A manifesto of excellence underscores my journey – from nurturing erudition and ingenuity to promoting interdisciplinary synergies, fostering future trailblazers, and forging global bonds.


Dr. Pruthvi Raj Paibhavi Pharm.D., Fellowship (Onco Pharmacy)., Msc (Onco)


Consultant | MCO1212-1021

Dr. Sharath Kumar Pharm.D., Fellowship (Oncotherapeutics)


Consultant | MCO1212-1034

Dr. Bhargav Raj Pharm.D., Fellowship (Onco Pharmacy)


Consultant | MCO1212-1027

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