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Whether you’re an aspiring Pharmacy student, a current Pharmacy candidate, or a future pharmacist, we provide the essential services to help you thrive in your pharmacy education and career.

Strategies That Transform Your Career



E- Books, Handouts and More

Comprehensive handouts, e-booklets, and resources tailored for pharmacy students covering a wide range of essential topics curated by experts in Medxury Teams.

Scholars Hub


Innovative platform designed to facilitate networking and offers features such as discussion forums, research project sharing, and networking events tailored to academics’ needs.



Celebrating Scholarly Excellence

We are glad to highlight academic accomplishments such as exceptional research projects, presentations, awards, and academic honors attained by Medxury Scholars. It serves as a concise showcase of their academic excellence and contributions to Pharmacy field.

Meet Our Young Leaders

Dr. M. Sudharsan Pharm.D.

Program Director

Dr. Akshay Khade Pharm.D.

Faculty Coordinator

Publishing Young Talents


Medxury Monthly Magazine is dedicated to fostering young talents in Pharmacy careers by offering a platform for emerging leaders, scientists, and innovators to share their perspectives and creations with our readers. We actively seek and publish the work of these talents, helping them gain exposure and recognition in their field. Our mission is to support and promote the next generation of visionaries in each issue of our magazine.