MCP – Medxury Clinical Pharmacy emphasises the essence of clinical pharmacy curriculum to all the striving aspirants in clinical care. The confidence should be invested right from the pharmacy school where you are about to explore and time flies weeee. Thus, we came up with really cool ideas you can start implementing the best innovations that you can start practising on yourself for a fruitful career !!


Doctor! That was quite loud, didn’t you feel that? Now or later you’ll get your prefix. But on progression, there is always like how satisfied you’re with the progression kinda thought when you aren’t enough to compete with your fellow professionals.


We are here to take you to the fullest of enjoying the CLINICAL PHARMACY profession through consistent and strategic skills from multiple Medxury Clinical Pharmacy specialists!

Not just for the grads, but we have unexpired love towards CP right from Year 1 of Pharm.D. Just get started with the simple steps from us and utilize the preparation tips to improve your clinical confidence day by day no matter whether you are at the beginning, intermediate or seeking advanced learning methods and sources. 

Three KEYS :

STEP I : Create a Strong Foundation

STEP II : Apply Theoretically

STEP III : Apply Practically





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